Awnings in Sydney to Optimise Your Space


Patio Enclosures to Add Value to Your Home

Our leading products, Hunter Douglas’ Insulated Awnings, are our go-to-style for outdoor areas with panache. Rivalling most inferior products in price, this premium product packs a real aesthetic punch. All our Insulated Awnings are customised to fit your property and your lifestyle. 



Custom Built Pergolas Designed For All Weather Conditions

During the warmer months, an Insulated Awnings will help keep your patio or decking area cool by reflecting the heat away from your home. When it’s cold you’ll be surprised how Insulated Awnings will bolster the warmth of a simple patio heater or small fire pit by trapping the heat and re-dispersing it around the space. Cyclone tested, so ultra-durable, and coming complete with solar panel option, it’s hard to look past Insulated Awnings as a cost-effective and on-trend renovation. Its superior qualities mean any of our Insulated Awnings can also be converted into a sunroom or weekend room further down the track. 



It doesn’t matter what you call it, a pretty pergola or an exciting awning, they’re bound to enhance your existing outdoor-living spaces and bolster the beauty of your garden areas. From small gardens to sprawling acres your home and lifestyle is immediately enriched by the addition of tasteful and practical outdoor living areas. Become the poolside entertainer, the alfresco diner or the urban-rooftop dweller with our wide range of both modern and traditional design and construction options.

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